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This page mainly deals with technical matters. Also see Shema, and the Passover site.


Are the files available in formats other than WMV (Windows Movie)? 


No. This is a non-commercial site that I maintain in my spare time. I don't have the time or the software to edit files in multiple formats.


What are the options with the various browsers and media players?


The site is designed specifically for Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player or FireFox with the Microsoft plugin (see below). With either combination, the videos will stream when you click on the link.

Videos may be accessed directly from links here.

It does not run as well under alternatives. Here are some comments and cautions:

QuickTime: QuickTime 7.4.5 for Windows does not support WMV files. It might be possible with a commercial plug-in. I haven't checked. Microsoft's website has a free plug-in for the Mac version of QuickTime but not for the Windows version.

RealPlayer: You can access the site directly with RealPlayer instead of a browser. The video will not stream. RealPlayer will download the entire file before playing.

FireFox: You must have the free Microsoft Windows Media Player FireFox Plugin installed. To check, click here about:plugins then check Installed plug-ins for Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin and File name: np-mswmp.dll.

FireFox under Ubuntu Linux 10.10 with the non-free codecs does work (without a Microsoft plugin). I have not tried other distros. Ubuntu is based on Debian, so FireFox on any Debian variant should work.

Apple Safari Browser: I don't know. If you can't get WMP to run, RealPlayer might work.

Opera: I don't know. Opera has an extremely small share of the browser market.


Could you ZIP the files so they will download faster? 


WMV format files are about the same size as zipped files because the WMV format incorporates PKZIP technology.


Who are the people in the clips, where is this, etc.,? 


They are members of a large Messianic synagogue in the Dallas, Texas area.

Unfortunately, like synagogues throughout the world, this synagogue has had its share of anti-semitic violence, including being spray painted several times with graffitti and an incident several years ago when a gunman came into a Saturday morning worship service and fired several shots. Therefore, security is a genuine concern.

For additional information, see the next question.


Why don't you identify the people or the congregation?


This site is not about particular people or a particular congregation. Its purpose is to let the public see some common Messianic worship practices. If I can get appropriate materials from other congregations I will consider adding some of those even though they may involve some of the practices already shown.


Could you have more music? 


A lot of Messianic music is copyrighted. Also, the sound is recorded only from microphones used for the house sound system, e.g., for the saxophone, flute, acoustic guitars, singers and a synthesizer. The drums, the bass guitar and the 300+ people in the congregation singing are not recorded. As a result, the available recordings don't sound even vaguely like the actual event and, in fact, are far inferior.


How often is the site updated? 


The site is basically finished and will not have substantial changes.  The site was mainly developed in 2005. Since then a number of Messianic congregations have developed major websites with on-line videos, a lot of Messianic material has been posted to YouTube, some congregations stream their services live, and a number of organizations offer on-line courses.


What does Messianic Judaism believe? Is it Christian? Is it Jewish? 


This site is not about theology. Visit some of the sites listed on the Links page.


How can I find a Messianic congregation in my area? 


Unless you live in a major urban area there probably isn't a Messianic congregation near you.

Also, google "Messianic", including the quotes. Local Yellow Pages sometimes list Messianic congregations under the heading Churches-Messianic. (Often, all religions are listed under Churches.)

Do not call an Orthodox, Conservative or Reform synagogue to ask! That is like calling your mother-in-law to ask how you can hide an affair from your wife.


How do you get videos to fill the Windows Media Player screen under FireFox?


After extensive research I finally found out how to do this. (Only web page programmers will want this information.)

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